Program has gotten very slow

  • Stuart Borman
    Stuart Borman

    Since the last version or two, Password Safe has gotten glacially slow for me.
    I use it on two different computers, and it's equally slow on both, even
    though one of the computers is very up-to-date. The program used to be very
    appreciably faster, and its behavior changed all of a sudden on both computers
    a few months ago. I'm not sure what to do, as I love the program and having
    been using it for years, but its performance has become prohibitively slow, to
    the point that I cannot recommend it to anyone any more. If you have any
    suggestions of what I can do, I would appreciate them. I thought there would
    be many discussions of this problem in the Password Safe Forums, as I assumed
    everyone was having the same problems I am, but I do not see much discussion
    of this problem in the Forums. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

  • DrK

    There have been only 1 or 2 references to being slow in the past. In both
    cases, it appears that the PasswordSafe database had become very very big -
    over 100MB!

    In one of them, IIRC, it was due to copying large amounts of data into a notes

    The solution for this was to:

    a. Save the database somewhere else - just for safety.

    b. Export the database to a text and/or a XML file and use a normal text
    editor to find entries with very large notes fields and delete the offending
    notes (maybe save them elsewhere if you need any of the data).

    c. Create a new database (with a different name) and import the edited
    text/XML file.

    Alternatively, start PasswordSafe with no database open (use the command flag
    -c) or open it as normal and then close the database without ending
    PasswordSafe. Then use Manage->Validate to validate the database (again - take
    a copy of the database before doing this).

    If the size is not that large, for example my main database is less than 100KB
    - nowhere near 1MB let alone 100MB), then I can't think of why it is slow for
    you. It isn't slow for me at all.


  • I agree this thing has slowed down tremendously in the past 12-14 months. My
    safe is 124KB, and specific things have slowed the most: add an entry,
    duplicate an entry, move an item or group. The whole functioning has changed
    so that, when an entry is created, it first shows up italicized, then several
    seconds later shows up in regular text. When I duplicate a key the process
    takes about 10 seconds, fist thinking, then creating another entry in italics,
    then changing it to regular text, then moving the focus back to the original
    entry. It's pretty bad.

  • Rony Shapiro
    Rony Shapiro


    As David says, we've seen a couple of odd cases where the password database
    became unreasonably large. The fix David described should work fine for this.

    As to the italicized -> regular text, this is due to (1) A change we made a
    couple of releases ago in that modified entries are shown in italic font, and
    (2) Manage->Options->Backups->Save database immediately after Edit or Add
    being selected.

    I can think of a couple of tweaks that I can try to improve performance, but
    until I do, you might want to uncheck the above preference, in which case
    you'll be prompted to save upon exit (but you might lose changes if there's a
    crash/power failure...).