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Recent databases on Win 7 taskbar

  • code24

    I was just typing up a question that has been nagging me for a month, when the
    solution suddenly came to me. So I thought I would type up the solution in
    case anyone else comes looking for the same thing.

    I use PasswordSafe on Win 7, and instead of having it auto-launch, I choose to
    launch it manually. I also keep the icon pinned to the taskbar, to make it
    easier to find. Until a recent rebuild of my workstation, I have always been
    able to right-click the pinned icon, and bring up a list of recent databases,
    which themselves can be pinned to the right-click sub-menu.

    It has been driving me crazy for a month, how you get the recent databases to
    show up in the right-click sub-menu. I went over every setting in PasswordSafe
    twice, before finally figuring it out a few minutes ago. The key? Open the
    database by clicking the database file itself. Opening PasswordSafe, then
    selecting the database doesn't cause this sub-menu to create an entry, but
    launching it from the actual database file does.

    Just thought I would pass that along.