3.26 dies on Win7HomePro

Scott G.
  • Scott G.
    Scott G.

    I had a version running on XP, but just purchased a new computer with
    Win7HomePro, 8 gig ram, 1 tb hd. Installed 3.26, moved the data file over, and
    opened the program. Ran great the first time - entered a new password,
    everything went fine.

    However, now when I reboot and open 3.26, it runs fine for a few minutes.
    Then, when it hides, it disappears. It doesn't appear in the tray, but does
    appear in task manager. If I kill it there, I can re-start the program, but
    the same thing happens.

    Also, for some reason, whenever I make a new entry, it reverts to "show
    username in tree view" in the options area.

    Any ideas on how to make it behave?