Windows 8 Support

  • Ken

    I notice on the Password Safe home page it does not list Windows 8 as a
    supported version.

    I looked in the "Latest News" and did not see anything on this topic
    under versions 3.28 or 3.29.

    I went to the "Discussion Forum" and searched but again could not find
    anything specific.

    Realizing that Win 8 is built on a Win 7 base, before I install I
    thought I would ask.

    Are all versions of PasswordSafe supported on Windows 8 or does support
    start at a specific version, say 3.xx?

    Great product, I've been using for years and I recommend to everyone I meet.

    Thank you.

  • Rony Shapiro
    Rony Shapiro

    A quick check by a developer with access to Win8 indicates that there's no problem.
    Suggest you try the latest version (3.29) and let us know how it goes - I don't have access to a Windows 8 machine yet.

  • Ken

    While I did just that. Used v3.29 with a backup created using v3.27. Everything seems to work but this is very early days. Did some things like copying a password, creating an entry and editing an entry. If I see anything abnormal I will post back.

    Nice !!

    • velhote

      I just bought a computer with pre-installed Windows 8. Every program runs normally, but Password Safe cannot perform copy actions, i.e., "copy username to clipboard" or "copy password to clipboard" don't work. Strange, because the auto type function still works, and, theoretically, that performs the "copy to clipboard" action too. When trying to "copy username to clipboard" or "copy password to clipboard" nothing is copyied to clipboard, preventing the ctrl + V action, which is quite bothering, if you don't know the passwords to type. Anyone has an idea of what's happening?

  • Kevin Ford
    Kevin Ford

    The Intel versions of Windows 8 will work just fine. However, Windows RT version such as the new Surface (Atom processor) will not work. For them a Windows Store application would need to be built.

  • Seppo

    Installed yesterday the Yubikey version on Windows 8. The gotcha that troubled me for a while was the fact that Windows8 (at least on my HP Spectre XT) runs everything by default as restricted user, and obviously access to Yubikey requires admin rights. After fighting this detail during the normal challenges of Windows8 upgrade I tried Application Compatibility feature offered by Windows8, and suggested to run Yubikey Personalization and Password Safe as works!