Password Safe for Windows RT/Surface RT

  • Jerry McLellan
    Jerry McLellan

    I just got a Surface Pro 2 for a birthday present, and Password safe works great, but was looking to see if there was a Windows 8 "App" available - required for Surface RT/2, but would also work better for any Windows 8.1 Apps that require a password. I found an app that was called "Metro Password Safe", but alas, it does not use the same database.

    I am thinking about getting my wife a Surface 2 to replace an older iPad, but without Password Safe being able to run, I don't know if I will do it. Amazing how absolutely "hooked" I am on Password Safe. Would be very willing to pay for the Windows Store App version if available and would use the same database, so that I can continue to use SugarSync, DropBox, and SkyDrive to asset my password database from anywhere/any device.