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.dat file conversion for use on iPhone

  • Martin

    I have the older version of pwSafe on my computer (version 2.13). I have this old version as it works "stand alone" from a folder. My employer will no longer let me install software on my computer so I cannot upgrade. I recently purchased pwSafe for my iPhone 4 and would like to port over the .dat file from my computer. The .dat file is not recognized, so I changed the extension to psafe3. It recognized the file, but synced only the title, and no entries came over to my phone.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can port over my list of passwords to my iPhone without the installation of the new software on my PC and without manually re-creating them all on my iphone?


  • Eric Dutko
    Eric Dutko

    Can you copy the dat file to another computer and open it in a newer version of Password Safe?

    If you can do that, you could save the file in the new version, copy the "upgraded" file back, and try to sync it with your phone. Or if all else fails, you could copy the "upgraded" file to DropBox and buy the DropBox support for the iPhone app.

  • davidbarzaga