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checksums for Password Safe

  • Brittney Smith
    Brittney Smith

    Haven't seen checksums for PWS files anywhere. Did see an old post from yrs ago, where Rony alluded to using them.

    Are checksums still offered or included in some other files?


  • Rony Shapiro
    Rony Shapiro

    Each file has a corresponding .sig file, which is a checksum (hash) signed with my private key.
    You can also see the checksum by clicking on the info (i) button on each file.
    Finally, I put the checksums of the files in the release announcement of the version that goes our to the mailing lists:

    SHA-1 checksums:
    c3410ed4f6a2ee2680811bc1c62c46ff36d8ba47 pwsafe-3.32.exe

    a3aaba92c5fd4a90ff8ce3df737bdae08667f415 passwordsafe-debian-0.92BETA.amd64.deb
    fed17b38134095e58c81e4d15cfcbac58f54c79f passwordsafe-ubuntu-0.92BETA.amd64.deb

    d6048dc5f2fc626aa4a0d8d9c87d0b1b0bd69d6c pwsafe-0.92BETA-2.i386.rpm

  • Brittney Smith
    Brittney Smith

    Thanks. I'd guess a very low % of users know the info ('i') button on SF contain checksums. I've used SF well > 10 yrs & didn't know it / never saw mention of it (a description may be buried somewhere).

    Like me, I'd guess most think the 'i' button is associated w/ the downloads graph beside it.

    I even searched "checksums" on PWS & some other forums just now & found no mention of the info button / checksums.

    Don't know if there's a way to make this more clear or add a note on the d/l page (for others benefit). Not everyone wants to sign up for mailing lists.

    On PWS home page / downloads, no mention of checksums:

    ''In addition, you can get all the downloads (installer program, .msi format, zip file and source), including previous versions, from here.''

    Quick check of several heavily d/l'd files on SF (> 10,000 / wk), many didn't have the info button. Nor an obvious checksum file.

    You may have no ability to add a note on the SF d/l page, like "click info button for checksums." I could create an SF feature request.

    Many users don't know how to use a sig file or don't want to go to trouble of using extra software. Most probably aren't concerned about file tampering - on SF - just that it's a valid d/l.