Importing from Beta1 to 3.01...

  • tphank

    Has anyone done so successfully? I've tried all types of combinations, going back to 2 then 3.01 and I seem to lose all note information...
    Lesson learned, don't get hooked on a beta version while testing out new feature....

    • renibats

      Thanks larrachart. I am finally out of beta.

    • Rony Shapiro
      Rony Shapiro


      Your best bet would be to go via V2 text export/import.

      Good luck!


    • tphank

      I guess, going v2 text export/import/export will give me all accounts, usernames and passwords, now all I will have to do is go over 300+ passwords and accounts to copy over notes...

    • Telakin

      Same mess here - I'd really appreciate a solution (I'd rather not continue using v3 beta 1 indefinetely...

    • Telakin

      Ok - I have a workaround that works for me:

      1) 3.01: create new db with an entry, fill all fields
      2) 3.01: export to file, no header row, use ^as notes delimiter
      3) Beta1: export to textfile, use ^ as notes delimiter
      4) open beta1 export in word, convert text to columns using tab as delimiter
      5) delete all rows that have problems (e.g. addtional fields due to tab in notes field) - keep a record of what you deleted, these need to be hand-copied over later
      6) open 3.01 export in word and convert to table
      7) note different number of columns, add additional columns in beta1 export to match layout
      8) convert beta1 export to text, use tab as delimiter
      9) save as text
      10) in 3.01: open saved text as import - all records should appear
      11) create new entries for the problematic entries (from 5) - open the old db in the old passwordsafe and copy and paste the information
      12) safe the new database

      sounds like a lot of work - but was only about 5-10 minutes

    • larrachart

      I wrote a small program in C++ that do the work (at least for me, no warranty). You will need windows + net framework 2.0.

      You can download it here:

      Just export to plain text in 3.0beta1.
      Unzip & launch PSbetaconv.exe.
      Specify input & output txt files and click convert.
      In 3.01, create a new database, and import from plain text, choose the output file.

      • Thank you for this fix. It worked great. When 3.01 came out, I figured it was a bug that would be fixed soon. Now when 3.02 didn't work either I was starting to worry. With your fix I'm back out of beta again.

    • Nuelo

      I tried your program but I get this error: "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime". Help? Anyone?

    • David

      As far as I know, the only difference in the formats of the export file for the V3.0 Beta 1 and V3.01 is an additional field before the last (Notes) field (a marker for the impending PW history field).

      Therefore the easiest solution is to insert a blank field (i.e. just an extra tab character) before the tab character defining the start of the Notes field.

      I can't quite remember what was in Beta1 / Beta 2 and what wasn't, so another option would be to take the V3.0 Beta 1 export file and remove all the new V3 fields (url, autotype and the new 5 date/time fields) - perhaps input into Excel and delete the appropriate columns? When saved as a tab delimited file, this will render back into the V2 format. Once imported, you will then have to re-enter the url & autotype data, where appropriate.

    • kevin551

      solution for error: "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime"

      open the text file exported from 3.0beta1 in an editor replace all occurrences of the word unknown with a date

      the format of the datis field is the one that shows when that entry was created. if you never made a new entry in beta 1 you will need to create one in order to copy the date.

      much thanks to lart - larrachart for the converter

      • larrachart

        Thank you kevin551 for finding the bug (importing pre beta3 items).
        I have uploaded a fix on the server.

    • NetherTime

      What a pain! Thorough testing certianly was amiss with 3.01. Database becomes corrupt and the import function from previous versions doesn't work.

      I hoping for a 3.1 the fixes these issues.