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Ubuntu version panel icon mischief

  • Badger520

    I got Password Safe for Ubuntu version .7 working today, but somehow I
    accidentally bumped the panel icon (showing the logo with the little open
    lock) off the panel. Now it's on my desktop underneath the panel! Just a
    little bit shows at the bottom, which I am able to right click and use the
    menu as usual. My question is, how can I put this icon back on top of the
    panel (at the top of the screen in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, where it was to begin
    with. I also installed Password Safe on my Linux Netbook, where it works
    perfectly. But I want the desktop version fixed. BTW, I really love this
    program, and have used it for years on Windows, and now am happy to have it in
    Linux too!

  • Badger520

    Ooops, never mind. I figured out what I did wrong. The problem began because
    right clicking on the password safe icon in the notification area is very
    tricky. In one micro-spot it will bring up the notification area menu, but in
    another micro-spot it brings up the Password Safe menu. So I accidentally said
    remove to the notification area on the panel which caused the Password Safe
    icon to have no where to go, so it hid under the panel. But when I replaced
    the panel's notification are (which usually shows the connection status) then
    password safe's icon was back on top!

  • Badger520

    Just a further note about the Ubuntu netbook version. The edit menu for
    individual entries just barely fits vertically. If you hide the bottom panel
    (which is possible in Ubuntu normal, and Ubuntu netbook 2D) then the whole
    window is visible. But in regular netbook, just enough of the save buttons at
    the bottom show to be able to use them and click on them.