Two things that bug me

Wayne Hoit
  • Wayne Hoit
    Wayne Hoit

    First - THANKS! PasswordSafe is a great program.

    Now, there are two (minor) things that really bug me - perhaps you would consider making changes?
    v3.30 (5195) for Windows (I'm using Win 7 64bit)

    1) When the tray icon is RED, the database is accessible, but when the icon is GREEN it is not and requires the master password. This seems backwards to me. Can you make the tray icon Green when accessible, and Red when not?

    2) When editing an entry, the Notes section 'auto-scrolls' the selected line to the top of the frame. I find this incredibly annoying, especially when making edits. Can you turn off the 'auto-scroll'?

    I would be quite happy with Options for these items instead of fixed changes.


    • Mick Mickle
      Mick Mickle

      About the request to reverse the red and green tray icon colors: They currently serve the best purpose for keeping your password database safe and secure. And that should be the primary objective. While it might seem counter-intuitive to not have green mean "go", it means "safe", instead. And red means your database is in "danger", readable by anyone who has access to your computer.

      • Guys, I just downloaded your app for the first time. IMHO you really need to EXPLAIN it on the installer. Phrases like "for Disk-on-Key" are meaningless to me and I have been using and writing software since probably before you were born. Just saying, "(database not readable by anyone else with access to your computer)" is a little more explanatory. Even the "Green for portable" does not give me any clue about whether it is more or less secure. I just don't think people should have to research how to answer to complete an install. Thanks. Just my 2 cents. Keep fighting the good fight.

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    • JackG

      I initially thought the same thing about the colors, but almost immediately realized it DOES keep in line with common security protocol, as Mick describes. When you think about it, it does make more sense that green signifies "safe" and red means "danger".

      Also, if it helps, you'll notice the symbol itself is shown as open when the safe is red (unlocked), and closed when green (locked).

  • Wayne Hoit
    Wayne Hoit

    Thanks for the explanation (still seems backwards to me though...:) )

  • SourceBoot

    Seems backwards to me as well. Every electric lock or alarm I have seen has RED for "locked" and GREEN for "unlocked".

  • Jeff Woods
    Jeff Woods

    My first thought was that perhaps there should be a user preference switch to flip the colors, but red and green are the two colors most commonly affected for colorblind people. Perhaps a better solution is to let folks choose arbitrary colors from a color palette. If that makes sense, perhaps using the same mechanism for selecting the color of the icon when there is no database open could be done in the same dialogue; e.g. make it 3 states that can have colors chosen.

  • DrK

    I am all in favour of the status quo.

    Green =SAFE = no one can access my data without knowing the passphrase.
    Red = DANGER = my data is accessible without knowing my passphrase.

  • celia poehls
    celia poehls

    I agree with the status quo. The color scheme in use tells you if your data is vulnerable or not.

  • lesuarez

    I use Password Safe since a very long time and honestly sometimes I doubt whether the green/red icon is okay or not.
    But Guys, take a look closely at the icon. There is a tiny lock open when red and a lock closed when green at the icon's upper right corner.
    In my opinion, If the developer likes the way it is, it is okay for me too.

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  • Joe

    I vote for customisable colors and a bigger, better visible lock on the icon.