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Diff of /trunk/pwsafe/pwsafe/docs/ReleaseNotes.html [r5108] .. [r5109] Maximize Restore

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--- a/trunk/pwsafe/pwsafe/docs/ReleaseNotes.html
+++ b/trunk/pwsafe/pwsafe/docs/ReleaseNotes.html
@@ -102,6 +102,13 @@
+<td align="center" width="100"><a href="nojs.html" onclick="BR(1066);return false;">1066</a></td>
+<td>Default changed: 'Browse to URL' does not copy password to
+clipboard by default. Although convenient, this is a security issue if
+the user isn't expecting it. Also show correct screen in Security
+Options help.</td>
 <td align="center" width="100"><a href="nojs.html" onclick="BR(1065);return false;">1065</a></td>
 <td>Don't hide notes in Add/Edit dialog box when changing field focus
   if user chose not to.</td>