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svn-repo-deprecated Log

Commit Date  
[r5109] by ronys

[1066] Changed default for 'Browse to URL' to "don't copy password to
clipboard by default". Although convenient, this is a security issue if
the user isn't expecting it. Also show correct screen in Security
Options help.

2012-10-28 10:04:25 Tree
[r5108] by ronys

wx-yubi: First hack at packaging

2012-10-27 19:40:01 Tree
[r5107] by ronys

wx-yubi: Finish yubification of export{Text,XML} + misc. cleanup

2012-10-27 18:14:12 Tree
[r5106] by ronys

Murpy - part of last commit slipped out...

2012-10-27 16:41:51 Tree
[r5105] by ronys

wx: Cleanup, mainly to get logo untruncated in Windows wx, but also merged in some work from yubi branch to get things to build properly under changes made with DialogBlocks

2012-10-27 07:47:09 Tree
[r5104] by c-273

Support new Visual Studio 2012 (VC11 compiler).
Fix issue when user quits PWS after 3 password attempts (not seen with current VS2010)
Remove MFC manifest as causes conflicts when building PWS under VS2012 and doesn't cause problems to VS2010 if removed.
Remove VC11 compiler warnings for wxWidget builds under Windows.
Update notes and batch file for compiling wxWidgets using VC11.

2012-10-26 14:40:17 Tree
[r5103] by ronys

wx-yubi: use image's size for opening window instead of hardcoded values

2012-10-26 09:42:56 Tree
[r5102] by ronys

wx: auto-generated po updates

2012-10-25 17:13:26 Tree
[r5101] by ronys

wx-yubi: murphy

2012-10-21 13:20:00 Tree
[r5100] by ronys

wx-yubi: more tweaks for password/yubi changing

2012-10-21 13:07:08 Tree
[r5099] by ronys

wx-yubi: reset prompt correctly when auth. fails.

2012-10-21 11:42:17 Tree
[r5098] by ronys

wx-yubi: Nit in safecombinationchange.

2012-10-21 11:23:02 Tree
[r5097] by ronys

If we can't lock the config file, show full filename for troubleshooting.

2012-10-21 09:59:40 Tree
[r5096] by ronys

More accurate error reporting if lock file failed in Windows.

2012-10-21 09:52:18 Tree
[r5095] by ronys

[1065] Don't hide notes in Add/Edit dialog box when changing field focus if user chose not to.

2012-10-21 08:54:12 Tree
[r5094] by ronys

wx-yubi: Change password ready for testing

2012-10-14 17:35:02 Tree
[r5093] by ronys

wx-yubi: More work on change password

2012-10-14 12:40:47 Tree
[r5092] by ronys

wx-yubi: Make AllowBlank a one-shot to match usage, employ it in OnYubiBtnClick

2012-10-13 16:39:29 Tree
[r5091] by ronys

Use DialogBlocks to add CSafeCombinationControl in safecombinationprompt

2012-10-13 16:08:28 Tree
[r5090] by ronys

wx-yubi: stable again, builds sucessfully now

2012-10-12 18:47:53 Tree
[r5089] by ronys

wx-yubi: commit due to dev system instability - may not compile

2012-10-12 18:13:25 Tree
[r5088] by ronys

"Port mniklas's commit 5079 to the old repo"

2012-10-09 19:34:53 Tree
[r5087] by ronys

wx-yubi: Add support for black password, which is valid with YubiKey

2012-10-08 21:28:41 Tree
[r5086] by ronys

wx-yubi: Continue yubification of safe combination change - trying to use mixins as nature did not intend

2012-10-08 10:49:47 Tree
[r5085] by ronys

wx-yubi: Start uybification of safe combination change - looks like mixin won't work here :-(

2012-10-08 10:32:03 Tree
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