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Package: passwordsafe
Version: VERSION
Section: utils
Priority: optional
Conflicts: pwsafe
Architecture: i386
Installed-Size: 5000
Maintainer: Rony Shapiro <ronys@users.sf.net>
Homepage: http://pwsafe.org/
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.7-18lenny4), libwxgtk2.8-0 (>=, libuuid1 (>= 1.41.3-1), libxtst6 (>= 2:1.0.3-1), libxerces-c3.1 (>= 3.1.1-1+b1), libyubikey0 (>= 1.5-1), libykpers-1-1 (>= 1.3.2-1squeeze1)
Description: Portable version of popular password manager program
 pwsafe is the Linux version of the popular Windows PasswordSafe
 password manager.
  - Compatible with 1.x, 2.x and 3.x versions of the database format.
  - Uses wxWidgets for portability.
  - Supported by the maintainers of the original Win32 program. See