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File Date Author Commit
3.11.2 2007-12-09 c-273 [r1848] Fix when pressing characters in List View with ...
64bit 2007-09-17 ronys [r1675] Branch 64-bit version until stabilized
V1_92DK 2003-05-30 ronys [r165] Update Credits
V1_92PPC 2008-04-20 sryll [r1995] resolved remaining build dependencies in coreli...
V216_CR 2006-02-27 ronys [r742] Passes unit test
V2x 2006-02-11 ronys [r724] Exit upon unlock w/systemtray now works correctly
V3-03-dk-temp 2006-10-21 minus273c [r1049] Special RecentFileList::Add processing only on ...
V3-06-unicode-build 2007-01-28 ronys [r1237] branch for playing around with UNICODE build
V3-PRE01-PWHIST 2006-06-20 ronys [r842] Compiles cleanly under VC7.1
V3-PRE03 2006-09-01 ronys [r938] Branch for PPC 3 work
V3-PRE05-jwh 2006-10-23 ronys [r1052] Branch to tag the start of JWH's PPc effort.
V3_05-tmp 2006-12-05 ronys [r1187] playground
command 2010-01-07 ronys [r3129] Redo of last commit, this time getting all the ...
custom_vp 2011-05-03 ronys [r4158] VP custom branch: RC1
drag-n-drop 2007-07-30 ronys [r1590] Tweak
mpwpol 2008-12-27 ronys [r2335] Merged in changed from 3.14.2->3.15.1
pwsafe language DLL 2006-11-12 minus273c [r1100] Change name according to ISO 639
rearrangement 2009-01-11 ronys [r2362] Linux builds cleanly (ui/cli) under rearrangement
tomer 2012-02-15 ronys [r4763] Tomer's branch: Finished implementing support f...
vendor 2001-11-30 --none-- [r5] This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to crea...
wxWidgets-Windows 2009-10-12 sauravg [r2953] Can search in Notes and Password History now
x86_64 2011-02-13 pm_kan [r3964] Updates in C::B project
yubico 2008-12-31 ronys [r2337] Checkpoint - Yubikey support still work-in-prog...
yubico2 2009-03-08 ronys [r2516] Document Yubico debugging URL
yubico2_2 2012-10-26 ronys [r5103] wx-yubi: use image's size for opening window in...