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Read Me

1. Introduction:
The Linux port of PasswordSafe is currently in BETA.
This means that (1) you should take care to keep copies of the
database to protect against possible loss of data due to bugs, and (2)
there are several unimplemented features. Nonetheless, we feel that
this is good enough to release as an early beta to gather feedback
from a wider audience.

2. Supported Distributions:
Currently Debian 6.0 and Ubuntu 11.04 are supported.

3. Installation:
3.1 Download the .deb file that corresponds to your distribution.
3.2 Install it using dpkg (for experienced user):
$ sudo dpkg -i passwordsafe-*.deb
Dpkg will complain if prerequisite packages are missing. To install
the missing packages:
$ sudo aptitude install missing-pkgX missing-pkgY
3.3 Installing using GUI:
3.3.1 Ubuntu:
If you download passwordsafe-ubuntu-0.1-1.deb to Ubuntu 10.04, and
open it with GDebi Package Installer, the Package Installer may give
an Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libwxgtk2.8-0 (>= If so, click on Applications, Ubuntu Software
Center, search for wxw, select wxFormBuilder and Use This Source. Then
click on Install - Free. Afterwards, you should see a green check box
next to Installed. Then close your Package Installer window, and
double-click again on passwordsafe-ubuntu-0.1-1.deb in your Firefox
Downloads menu. This time the package installer comes up again and you
can Install Package. While you cannot simply double-click on an
existing .psafe3 file, you can go to usr/bin/ and double-click on
pwsafe. There, it will look for your .psafe3 or .dat files by
default. Also, in your Nautilus File Browser, you can right click on
pwsafe and Copy to Desktop.
3.3.2 Debian: TBD

4. Reporting bugs:
Please submit bugs via
Set the Category field to Linux to help ensure timely response.