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[r2323] by ronys

Tag release 3.15

2008-12-14 14:02:09 Tree
[r2322] by ronys

Mark field reserved for Yubico branch in format document + nit.

2008-12-13 17:29:16 Tree
[r2321] by ronys

Merged changes from trunk since split -> 3.15Y!

2008-12-13 17:09:24 Tree
[r2320] by ronys

4got something...

2008-12-13 14:31:32 Tree
[r2319] by ronys

Added minor sanity check.

2008-12-13 07:51:39 Tree
[r2318] by thedavecollins

Correct case so it compiles on linux

2008-12-11 00:46:05 Tree
[r2317] by ronys

[2407325] Prevent creation of a group name with '.', which confuses PasswordSafe.

2008-12-10 18:45:03 Tree
[r2316] by c-273

Use Configuration name for resource DLL

2008-12-09 18:27:42 Tree
[r2315] by c-273

Fix Visual Studio build/rebuild/clean processes

2008-12-09 18:16:57 Tree
[r2314] by ronys

[2407346] "Open Another" and "Create New" actions in "Incorrect Passkey" dialog box working again.

2008-12-09 12:35:55 Tree
[r2313] by ronys

[2407072] Can now tab to read-only checkbox in password entry form via File->Open or recently used list.

2008-12-09 12:03:46 Tree
[r2312] by ronys

Playing around with STL

2008-12-07 19:16:28 Tree
[r2311] by ronys

Non-Unicode build handles locales properly (at last!) - esp. non-English filenames.

2008-12-07 18:59:01 Tree
[r2310] by ronys

Fixed broken compilation under DEBUG configuration.

2008-12-07 17:37:47 Tree
[r2309] by c-273

Tidy up dealing with no schema found for both XML file import and filters

2008-12-07 10:39:24 Tree
[r2308] by ronys

Preparations for 3.15 release: update deliverable directories per dk's reorg, lose Beta suffix.

2008-12-06 21:03:25 Tree
[r2307] by c-273

correct solution entry

2008-12-06 18:13:28 Tree
[r2306] by c-273

Tell user if schema not present
Remove duplicate definitions in corelib.h

2008-12-06 14:22:33 Tree
[r2305] by ronys

semi-automatic merge of dk-xml branch up to & including 2304.
Release build mechanism still needs to be fixed.
Minimal testing.

2008-12-04 21:30:58 Tree
[r2304] by c-273

Fix non-unicode Xerces compilation error.

2008-12-03 21:36:41 Tree
[r2303] by c-273

Expat & Xerces XML file import now works.
XML File processing base class added. Other functions may be migrated later.

2008-12-03 21:03:07 Tree
[r2302] by c-273

MSXML OK, Expat & Xerces broken but WIP

2008-12-02 22:45:00 Tree
[r2301] by c-273

Change tabs to spaces

2008-12-02 20:57:01 Tree
[r2300] by ronys

Make pwsafe among the first apps to close in case of shutdown - increase chances of memory being wiped properly.

2008-12-02 19:22:20 Tree
[r2299] by ronys

Better error handling.

2008-12-01 20:19:52 Tree
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