svn-repo-deprecated Log

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[r1176] by ronys

Tag 3.05 release

2006-11-30 11:25:59 Tree
[r1175] by ronys

Fixed svn location (again).

2006-11-30 10:36:22 Tree
[r1174] by ronys

Update Rlease Notes prior to 3.05 release.

2006-11-30 10:22:22 Tree
[r1173] by ronys

Fixes to help: Added options & history to contents, fixed image link in display_tab.html, text in password_history.html.

2006-11-29 07:32:32 Tree
[r1172] by minus273c

Change version information for resource-only DLLs

2006-11-28 21:27:32 Tree
[r1171] by glen_a_smith

Started work on splashscreen

2006-11-28 20:02:37 Tree
[r1170] by ronys

Link to project page now opens in external browser (thanks to Mat).

2006-11-28 19:49:16 Tree
[r1169] by ronys

Minor fix to installable target build.

2006-11-28 17:50:35 Tree
[r1168] by ronys

Modified XMLPrefs to better match use-case.
Updated MRU list prior to main app d'tor.
Removed config UpdateTimeStamp() that would be overwritten later.
Set modified bit if needed in SetMRUList.

2006-11-28 10:48:53 Tree
[r1167] by glen_a_smith

Skip deploy dir in src tarball

2006-11-28 00:22:50 Tree
[r1166] by glen_a_smith

Updated to latest build

2006-11-27 20:04:20 Tree
[r1165] by glen_a_smith

Large file write test.

2006-11-27 20:01:33 Tree
[r1164] by glen_a_smith

Fix for creation of v3 files.

2006-11-27 20:01:08 Tree
[r1163] by glen_a_smith

Fix to support correct writing of fresh v3 files.

2006-11-27 19:52:32 Tree
[r1162] by ronys

More work on XML prefs - one less lock/unlock in the course of startup.

2006-11-27 10:14:08 Tree
[r1161] by ronys

Removed #ifdef DEBUG for i18n code, so translators will be able to use 3.05.

2006-11-27 10:13:04 Tree
[r1160] by ronys

Changed MRU persistence to save (that is, avoid unecessarily) lock/unlock pref file.

2006-11-26 17:34:58 Tree
[r1159] by ronys

Changed main window size&pos persistence to save lock/unlock pref file.

2006-11-26 11:53:35 Tree
[r1158] by ronys

Added support for '-m' option

2006-11-26 10:22:45 Tree
[r1157] by minus273c

Use resource handle to load accelerators

2006-11-26 00:40:27 Tree
[r1156] by openmateo

Adding translated files.

2006-11-25 13:46:05 Tree
[r1155] by openmateo

Adding translated files.

2006-11-25 13:18:04 Tree
[r1154] by minus273c

Reduce time config file is locked

2006-11-25 10:25:55 Tree
[r1153] by openmateo

adding Polish version of help.

2006-11-24 02:13:19 Tree
[r1152] by minus273c

Minor typos

2006-11-23 20:02:50 Tree
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