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#959 pwsafe can't autotype parenthesis chars to virtualbox guests

Saurav Ghosh
Linux (72)
Saurav Ghosh
  1. On Linux, create an entry with some '(' and/or ')' chars in username and/or password fields
  2. Run Windows as a guest in Virtualbox.
  3. Open notepad in Windows.
  4. Autotype the entry with parenthesis chars, so that the output goes to notepad running under Windows

Expected: the parenthesis chars should get autotyped along with other characters.

Observed: Everything other than the parenthesis chars get autotyped, including all other punctuation keys, shifted or not.

Observed with pwsafe 4144M running on Ubuntu 9.10 and Virtualbox 4.06 r71344 running Windows XP SP3 with all patches applied.


  • Saurav Ghosh
    Saurav Ghosh

    The parenthesis chars are autotyped just fine to anything running natively on the same Linux box as pwsafe. The problem occurs only when the target application is running inside virtualbox. I have tested only Windows guests, so I don't know if this would reproduce with Linux guests.