#903 3.23 an Apply button can gray out unexpectedly


To duplicate an issue:

  1. The test computer needs to have PWSafe options in the Registry from a prior version of PWSafe, and the PWSafe configuration file in the .exe folder rather than in the user's Application Data folder.
  2. Open the Manage > Options... > System tab.
  3. Item 1 ensured that both checkboxes at the bottom of this tab, under Configuration Information, are selectable.
  4. The Apply button is grayed out.
  5. Turn on the first checkbox, "Remove..." The Apply button becomes selectable.
  6. Turn on the second checkbox, "Migrate..."
  7. Turn off the second checkbox. Issue: The Apply button grays out even though the first checkbox is still checked (the state of the checkboxes is the same as it was at the end of step 5).

Not a big deal, but the practice may help you keep the issues out of this kind of UI code in some future dialog that is more important. :-)