#881 My Safes and PWs.psafe3

Bob Fletcher

This may be related to the previous bug but I am not sure.
I just updated to Version 3.22 on Windows XP SP3.
The idea of placing the database files in the My Safes folder seems like a good one to me, so I took the suggestion
Manage->Options->System->Migrate PasswordSafe configuration to user directory.

I tried various combinations of creating new databases and copying existing databases to My Safes. But no matter what I do, when I launch PWSafe, the Safe Combination Entry menu defaults to open C:\Program Files\Password Safe\PWs.psafe3. From the dropdown box I can then find my desired database in My Files.
However, if C:\Program Files\Password Safe\PWs.psafe3 does not exist, I get an error box asking me if I want to search for a database, which I can then do.
I have searched everywhere in the registry and in the XML files for PWs.psafe3 thinking I could simply change it to something that does exist in My Files, but to no avail. I also tried a complete program removal and re-installation, again with no change.

This seems like unexpected behavior to me. I would expect the program to default to looking in the My Files directory. At the very least I would expect it to display the last previously opened database in the Safe Combination Entry menu, which I cannot seem to get it to do. Maybe I am just missing something.

Thanks for a great program.