#1059 Password Policy gets 'stuck' when not using a default policy


Running WinXP SP3; pwsafe v3.29 (4985); from usb drive.

When selecting a custom password policy with the following criteria (it might work for other variations I haven't checked) :

Password Length:20,
All 4 options checked: Use Lowercase Letters, Use UPPERCASE letters, Use Digits, Use Symbols (i.e. &,%,$,etc)
(at least 1 ) for all options selected.

Use Special set is selected, only use: "." (that's a period, not including the quotes)

Go back to the Basic tab and generate a new password.

It generates the a correct password using the selected criteria.

Go back and toggle to use the default set instead of the special set.
Now go and generate a new password.

It only generates passwords using special set that I previously selected, not the currently selected default set.

If I close the entry and then re-open it, go to the Password Policy tab, it has the special set selected with the entry that I had before.

Only if I select "Use Database Policy" will it generate a new password using a different set of criteria.