#1056 Auto Lock when editing bypassed by pressing Cancel


PWsafe 3.2.9 on Windows 7 64. No system tray icon.

If a password entry is being edited, and the auto-lock period expires, PWsafe offers the password prompt window. This can be bypassed by pressing cancel, which returns me to the edit window.

To Reproduce:
With auto-lock after x minutes enabled,
Open an entry for a site, for edit, and click on the Notes section
Wait for auto-lock to expire and window to be minimised
Click on the taskbar button for Password Safe
Press Cancel
The window returns to the same edit state.

This is not the expected behaviour of the auto-lock function.

I almost always open an entry for Edit, to retrieve my username, then password, then secondary login key, etc. So this isn't a theoretical problem when editing an entry, it happens every time I use PWsafe and forget to close it myself.

I've seen this for some time, it's probably not OS-dependent.


  • Hi Thomas A, I don't think its bypassed as such. Because even though it returns you to the edit window, you will not be able to apply any changes until you unlock the database. Correct me if I'm wrong


  • Anonymous

    Hi Sauthakar,
    Yes it's true it is not unlocked, you cannot save further changes to the database. But it's not ideal that the current entry is not hidden when it auto-locks - it might be a sensitive password left visible.