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PasswdSafe Sync 2.3.2

Add configuration of ownCloud URL

Posted by Jeff Harris 2 hours ago

PasswdSafe Sync 2.3.1

Fix OneDrive sync of files and folders with spaces

Posted by Jeff Harris 2015-08-08

PasswdSafe 5.4.0 and PasswdSafe Sync 2.3.0

Add OneDrive support. After authenticating an account, choose the files to sync. Add record preference to sort groups before, after, or mixed with records.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2015-08-01

PasswdSafe Sync 2.2.0

Update Dropbox to core API. Files can be synced from any folder. The Apps folder is no longer needed. The app must be reauthorized for access.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2015-05-30

PasswdSafe 5.3.0

Add slider to reveal parts of a password. On Kitkat and higher, use the built-in document manager to open or create files.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2015-05-16

PasswdSafe 5.2.0 and PasswdSafe Sync 1.2.0

Add ownCloud support. Accounts are chosen from the list in the ownCloud app. Once access is authorized, password files can be chosen to sync.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2015-03-29

PasswdSafe Sync 2.0.0

Improve Google Drive syncing:

  • Improved conflict detection and resolution
  • Show a notification for a sync conflict
  • Include file checksum in remote change detection
  • Improved file deletion detection during a full sync
  • Add additional MIME type for files
Posted by Jeff Harris 2015-01-04

PasswdSafe 5.1.0

Add multi-window support for Samsung devices. Enable selection of notes text.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2014-10-22

PasswdSafe 5.0.0

YubiKey NEO support for devices with NFC

Posted by Jeff Harris 2014-10-22

PasswdSafe Sync 1.6.1

Improve Google Drive query performance when performing a full sync. Update Dropbox library.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2014-10-22

PasswdSafe Sync 1.6.0

Add German translation

Posted by Jeff Harris 2014-10-22

PasswdSafe 4.5.0 and PasswdSafe Sync 1.5.0

Add Box support. Password files (.psafe3) are synced from the top folder and any folder tagged with 'passwdsafe'.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2014-02-02

PasswdSafe 4.4.0

Add a password preference for the set of symbols to use by default in password policies. The current group is set as the default for new records. Synchronized files can be set as a default file.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-12-16

PasswdSafe 4.2.0

An input method is available which can paste fields from the last selected password record.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-10-21

PasswdSafe 4.1.1 and PasswdSafe Sync 1.3.0

Add sync frequency for Dropbox and small bug fixes

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-09-15

PasswdSafe 4.1.0 and PasswdSafe Sync 1.2.0

Add Dropbox support

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-08-31

PasswdSafe Sync 1.1.0

Open synced files from Google Drive app

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-07-13

PasswdSafe Sync 1.0.2

Fix crash due to missing resources

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-07-05

PasswdSafe 4.0.2

Fix crashes when adding the first Google Drive file and rotating the screen. Do not show passwords in recent apps screenshots.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-07-05

PasswdSafe 4.0.1

Fix crash with too long password policy

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-07-01

PasswdSafe 4.0.0 and PasswdSafe Sync 1.0.0

Add support for syncing files in Google Drive

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-06-23

Release 3.16.0

Add notifications for expired passwords

Posted by Jeff Harris 2013-01-12

Release 3.15.1

Fixes for file timeout crashes due to clipboard failures and details dialog.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2012-12-14

Release 3.15.0

Password expiration support. Improve file opening from other apps such as file managers.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2012-12-11

Release 3.14.2

Disallow aliases and shortcuts to the same record. Fixed a bug causing a crash when opening a file with an error. Do not crash when copying text on some Samsung phones.

Posted by Jeff Harris 2012-11-18