#49 Option to disable the database auto-close behavior

Jeff Harris

Apparently unlike other Android-based devices, the Kindle Fire does not have a way to return to an already-open PasswdSafe database--the master password must be re-entered every time the app is invoked. One solution would be to provide a preferences option (e.g., under "File Settings") to disable the auto-close behavior when switching to another app. (The database could still be closed as a result of timeout or screen off, however.)


  • Bryan Thompson
    Bryan Thompson

    Seconded! On my LG P990 I do notice that if I:
    1) 'return' to passwdsafe by tapping the taskbar icon, the DB has been closed
    2) 'return' to passwsdafe via Recently Opened Applications, the DB is usually still open

    I'm not sure what's causing the usually behavior, but it's very frustrating. With 'File Close Timeout' set to 'none' I would expect the DB to stay open until:
    a) the application is closed
    b) the phone is rebooted
    c) I lock the DB

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance in isolating this behavior.

  • Jeff Harris
    Jeff Harris

    The behavior of the app is complicated due to a couple factors used to ensure that only one of the instance of the app's view is open at a time. Also, the initial activity is the file choosing activity not the view of the open file.

    I'm looking at overhauling the main UI to bring it up to date. I'll be sure to incorporate this feature at that time.

  • Jeff Harris
    Jeff Harris

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  • Jeff Harris
    Jeff Harris

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