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version 0.0.13

Version 0.0.13

1) Covers installation of Jcc instruction into the grammar.

2) Added newlines at EOF to remove compiler warnings.

That's all.

Have a nice day.

Posted by nymia 2001-11-22

pasm release and request for volunteers

pasm ( has been released. It contains an entirely rewritten code. The project is also looking for volunteers (C & yacc skills) who will work on the task needed to move it forward or work on areas they find interesting.

Posted by nymia 2001-04-27

Pasm Groundbreaking

The Pinoy Assembler (pasm) groundbreaking formally introduces the project to the community. The project's mission is to deliver an assembly language compiler for the IA-32 processor. Its objective is to be able provide an alternative assembly compiler for the current masm, tasm and nasm users. And its purpose is to be a standalone tool or as a component in a development suite.

Posted by nymia 2000-10-20