Some questions

  • Qrilka

    I've started using pas2dox yesterday and have a couple of questions, it would be great to hear the answers:
    1. Are there any docs on pas2dox? E.g. which Delphi language constructs are supported and so on? Also I think that at least quite simple examples would be very useful.
    2. Is there any way to get the help not in C++ style? E.g. to get constructors in Delphi style not MyType:MyType() and so on?

    • Darren Bowles
      Darren Bowles

      Hi there,

      1. Sorry, documentation is a bit thin on the ground for the project at the moment.  If you head over to you will find a list of supported tags.  Of course, if you want to help out by contributing some documentation, that would be great.

      2. At the moment, the Delphi code is converted to a sort of C++ style that Doxygen will understand.  I have a long term goal of adding directly into Doxygen, however that's not really possible at this moment in time.

      Hope that helps,