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PartCover + MSTest + Pex: NO COVERAGE?

  • Mike Eastey
    Mike Eastey

    I am using the following tools in my project:

    Visual Studio 2008 Professional
    Microsoft Pex Academic: 0.12.40430.3

    After generating a number of unit test project using Microsoft Pex, I am unable to run PartCover (both console/GUI versions) against the generated unit tests without having to delete or exclude some of the generated code.  PartCover will display the dreaded "Your report is empty" dialog box (you know, the one with the 3 buttons: "Show skipped", "Go to inputs", "Close").

    PartCover GUI: Run Target Settings

    Executable File: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\MSTest.exe
    Working Directory: C:\Development\Projects\Foo\Bar
    Working Arguments: /noisolation /testcontainer:FooBar\FooBar.Tests\bin\debug\FooBar.Tests.dll
    Rules: +[FooBar]*

    As I described above, if I exclude or comment out the Microsoft Pex generated code, and do not make any changes to the Run Target Settings, PartCover will report that there is now code coverage.

    Any ideas on what's going on?  To me, it looks to me like PartCover is not ready for prime-time yet; as NCover 1.5.4 is able to handle the identical code correctly.