#30 Move verified files dialog

Peter C
Thomas Harold

One of the ideas that I've been wishing for is that
there was a way to move all of the files in a PAR2 set
using a single command. e.g. I have the following
files, all protected by a single PAR2 set, but they're
mixed in with thousands of other files:

01 track 1
02 track 2
03 track 3
back cover

When I click on SuperDisk.par2, it's able to find all
of the files in the set... but I'm not able to make
easy use of that knowledge without manually going and
finding all of the files to collect into another folder.

So what I'd like to see is a button that shows up after
the PAR2 set has been verified, that will let me move
all files associated with the PAR2 set to another
folder. I forsee the following features needed on the
move files dialog (loosely based on the ACDSee move
files dialog or the WinZip extract archive dialog):

- folder tree of the current drive (and can change
drives or browse network shares), default folder either
current folder or last-used

- ability to create a new sub-folder to store the files
(default name should be the name of the PAR2 file set,
e.g. "SuperDisk" in this case)

- option to delete the PAR/PAR2 files instead of moving

- option to copy instead of move (not sure why I'd do