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Client Update: QuickPar v0.7.5 avail.

Version 0.7.5 of QuickPar is now available for everyone to download.

Please visit http://www.pbclements.co.uk/QuickPar/ to download the
new version.

The list of bug fixes and other changes since version 0.7 are as

Bugs fixed:

* If someone creates extra par2 files from a damaged set of source
files and the damage was beyond the first 16k of the file, then
the par2 set would have the same set-hash-id. QuickPar would
mistakenly use the par2 files created from the damaged and
undamaged source files when attempting to repair. Such repairs
would of course fail. QuickPar now detects this and will report
the extra par2 files as damaged.


* Localised versions of QuickPar are now available in Dutch, French,
Swedish, and Norwegian. Thanks to Etraman, Stefan Pleiner, Thore
Harald Hye, and Stphane Simson for their work in translating the
text. Anyone willing to assist in the creation of versions for
other languages should let me know (email me at sourceforge -
you'll find my address on the parchive home page).

Please use the Tracker at Sourceforge to report problems:


Please use the forums at PArchive for any other feedback and


Best regards,

Posted by Ryan Gallagher 2003-10-20