par2cmdline v0.2 released

PARv2.0 is a parity archive file format specification that uses reed-soloman code to protect sets of files within your filesystem. PARv2.0 allows for protection of files without having to archive them first by operating on virtual "blocks" of data within those files. For every N recovery blocks, you can recover N missing or corrupted blocks. PARs main purpose is helping to insure binary usenet propigation, but is by no means limited to that purpose.


Version 0.2 of par2cmdline is now available for download in source code form from the following URL:

This version has been compiled and tested on the following platforms (and you can download pre-compiled binaries for them from:\):

CPU OS Distribution
--- -- ------------
Alpha Linux 2.2 Debian 3.0
Cerfcube SA1110 Linux 2.4 Debian 3.0
J2EEE IBM Websphere
PPC G4 MacOS X 10.2 Server Edition
Sparc R220 Sun Solaris 8
Sparc Ultra 60 Linux 2.4 Debian 3.0
x86 Cygwin 1.3.22
x86 Linux 2.4 Debian 2.2
x86 Linux 2.4 Red Hat 7.3
x86 Linux 2.4 Red Hat 9.0
x86 Windows

The following changes have been made since version 0.1 was released:

* Corrected a fault in the handling of filenames that
have 8-bit characters.

* Reduced restrictions on permitted characters in
filenames on unix operating systems.

* Added many portability enhancements including the
use of GNU Autoconf/Automake for configuration and
compiling on different cpu/os platforms.

* Added support for verifying and repairing using
version 1.0 PAR files.

Please report any problems you encounter with this version of par2cmdline in the parchive tracker at:

Peter B Clements (Author of par2cmdline and QuickPar)
The Parchive Project

Posted by Ryan Gallagher 2003-05-28