Client Update: MacPAR DeLuxe now at version 2.0.1

Release notes up to 2.0.1

Release notes for version 2.0.1
- Solved a bug that could cause the program to crash when starting the Unrar phase.

Release notes for version 2.0
- Added the Unrar feature.
- Solved a bug that caused the program to behave erratically when the PAR set contained file names with non-standard ASCII characters.
- Solved a bug that could cause an action to be triggered from a disabled toolbar icon.

Release notes for version 1.2
- Added a toolbar for even easier access to all functions.
- The help file is now integrated in the Apple Help Viewer instead of a separate document.
- The program now supports the French language (translation provided by Stphane Moureau).
- Solved a bug that caused the program to crash when "Retry Recovery" was performed a number of times.
- Solved a compatibility issue with dual processor machines. The program now runs on such machines without crashing.

Release notes for version 1.1
- Subject files can now be added to the PAR set by dragging them directly from the Finder into the list in the document window.
- When, in an Untitled document, all subject files have the same name (apart from the extension), this name is automatically shown as the suggested name for the .par file in the "Save As" panel.
- The program now supports the Spanish language (translation provided by Manuel Tenorio C.).
- The final outcome of the verification or par creation process is now presented in a clearer way. When the end result is "OK", the final status line is printed in green; when the end result is not OK, it is printed in red.
- Solved a bug that sometimes prevented the status line at the bottom of the window from showing the final status after processing was complete.
- Solved a bug that caused the program to fail when a language pack was removed.

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Posted by Ryan Gallagher 2002-07-28