Add recovery data to lzma compressor...

  • wizardcoder

    Hi, am locking for adding recovery data to:
    - lzma - Public domain.
    - 7-zip - LGPL.

    Is there a way to have a version of par2 in LGPL?
    I am not fan of public domain modifications must be published.

    I look your code and rewriting Reed–Solomon algo and encapsulate it in an efficient container is a several year work (i do it the night & week end)… without speaking of test & debug…

    The goal is to refactor code, to provide a library and add it to lzma command line tool provide with sdk, and extend it by adding recovery data, with a license that allow commercial use (spirit of lzma licence), and provide to 7-zip community this missing functionality…

    I'm new in opensource, I participate to only one project (debug \ memory leak correction) Finalburn Alpha.

    Thanks for your answer,


    Note: You can contact my in private if you prefer.

  • wizardcoder

    Sorry i don't see libpar2  ~o~, and i found an other solution with a more friendly license…