#52 Navigating through history menu by pressing history hotkey

Andrey Tykhonov

Well, there is very cool feature in the emacs.

For example there are three lines:


If I'll cut first, then second and then third I will be able to paste these texts by means of Meta-Y. So, After Meta-Y -- first will be inserted. After Meta-Y again -- first will be replaced by second and after Meta-Y again -- second will be replaced by third.

I will be very glad if I'll have something similar in the parcellite. Well, I guess such feature in parcellite is from impossible things. But it would be great to have at list something as close to mentioned feature as possible.

So, basic idea is to provide possibility to "rotate" "cuts" and "copies" when paste.

Here is described feature which, as I imagine, could be as close to mentioned feature as possible. I don't know whether it is possible to implement something more closer...

I think it is possible to make parcellite behaves like:

I hit Ctrl+Alt+History key and see popup with items. And first item is selected. When I hit Ctrl+Alt+History key again (or some shortcut like Ctrl+N, or just single letter "j") then the second item will be selected and so on. So it will be possible on required text to hit just Enter and selected text will be inserted. So it will be not required to use cursor keys.


  • rickyrockrat

    Very similar to #7 and #41, and the trouble with the way GTK interfaces with the X clipboards - parcellite has no way to know data was pasted. So perhaps there is a 3rd clipboard history (normal, persistent, and annotated) where annotated has some way to define the sequence of pasting. I'm still thinking about how I might implement this - even I have run across cases where it would be handy.