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PaquitoMeter NEW 1.2 version

Here's the new version of this network traffic measuring program.
The code has been cleaned for best performance.
A new feature has been added, allowing you to store all your transfer rates so you can access them anytime in the future and have them organized by day/week/month/year.
Take a look to the new screenshot...

Posted by PaquitoSoft 2005-07-06

PaquitoMeter 1.0 packages release

Here they are. rpm and deb packages from the first version of this bandwith statistics program.

Posted by PaquitoSoft 2005-06-07

First PaquitoMeter Sources Release

This is the first sources files PAquitoMeter release.
Remember you need Gambas if you want to play with them.

Posted by PaquitoSoft 2005-06-07