Hi Bruno,
  sorry, I don't note that "PTAInterpolate" has source.

2014/1/13 Bruno Postle <bruno@postle.net>
On Sun 12-Jan-2014 at 21:13 +0800, Yili Zhao wrote:
> I think the classic apps like "PTPicker" and " PTInterpolate" with
> GUI are  all need Java, because they use AWT for GUI; and they
> also use Java's JNI to interface libpano12's C functions.
> Because there are no source for these classic apps, and Hugin is
> also not dependent on Java, so maybe it is safe like Thomas said
> "remove all dependence on Java from libpano13.",

Yes, we are not supporting ptpicker and pteditor since they are old,
closed and link to libpano12 anyway.

But PTAInterpolate has source and is one of the tools that ships
with libpano13, so this is a good reason for keeping java support.
Also java seems to be very popular these days, maybe the java api
will be useful in the future.


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