> I think if some more checking is done that there are other commercial
> software packages that are in the very least using the queryfeature to
> determine what is available to PTStitcher.  They will need to respect
> the "no linking" too.
I followed carefully this thread and the future of panotools. It's a really
great library and I really care about it's future. But the topic of licensing
need to be fixed first.
The option we choose for Autopano Pro and Panotools relation was to have an
import and export for project file. It's seems that between closed source
and GPL, this is good option to choose. In fact, it's exactly what Max was
doing, he just called the exe, stuff that we didn't do, but the principle is
the same.
That's why I pretty agree with bruno's plan :
- Design a (text / xml / whatever) common script to make panotool do stuff :
(we could keep the panotool script language, it just have to be clearly
documentated and updated).
- Closed source will only use this script file to interface to pano13 and
will not link in any way to it.
- Everyone concentrate on pano13.
I would be happy to help to manage such a goal.
Alexandre Jenny