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[941114] by dmg

2006-09-21 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre3

* ColourBrightness.c, PTcommon.c: added support for
saturation-only and brightness-only correction. I also fixed some
small rounding problems in the old code.

2006-09-21 04:40:50 Tree
[c513f2] by dmg

2006-09-20 dmg <>

* PTblender.c: Added option to select type of colour
correction. Fixed a bug (when colour correction and flat output
was requested, the output file did not use the colour corrected files)

2006-09-21 04:34:16 Tree
[62bd30] by dmg

2006-09-21 dmg <>

* bootstrap (have_autoconf): Added support for autoconf 2.6

* PTcommon.c (getROI): Replace calls to _nan() with nan()

by Florian Merz

2006-09-21 00:12:36 Tree
[0a928f] by maxlyons

Adding import of file.h to fix this: "ptmender.c:310: warning: implicit declaration of function `panoFileMakeTemp'"

2006-09-16 19:24:41 Tree
[7dce58] by maxlyons

Fixing panoReplaceExt which was broken for filenames like c:\dir\another.dir\file, because of the period as part of the directory name

2006-09-06 01:47:41 Tree
[908aa2] by maxlyons

Adding check for isNan in getROI. Sometimes the remapping function returns NaN. This is probably a bug in the remapping function, but in the meantime adding a check for isNan in getROI.

2006-09-06 01:40:14 Tree
[71945d] by maxlyons

Adding define for bzero. Won't compile on windows without this.

2006-09-06 01:35:21 Tree
[bae76c] by dmg

PSDs include some metadata including ICC Profile

2006-09-02 06:20:07 Tree
[f16e55] by dmg

PSDs include some metadata including ICC Profile

2006-08-30 21:42:06 Tree
[15b833] by dmg

I forgot to add ptstich.c and ptstitch.h. Unfortunately I noticed once I had refactored the code for panoStitchComputeMaskMap and unified 16 bit and 8 bit processing into one function. In the process I found a bug that was probably affecting spherical panoramas

2006-08-13 06:35:56 Tree
[adfbbf] by dmg

Created ptstitch.c and ptstich.h. They will contain any functions that deal with alpha channels and the stitching process

2006-08-13 04:57:02 Tree
[1bf7d2] by dmg

added tiff_lzw.tif reference file

2006-08-13 04:50:19 Tree
[a38329] by dangelo

fixes for compilation on OSX 10.4 when used together with Carbon applications.
(patch by Ippei UKAI)

2006-08-12 18:26:27 Tree
[c51307] by dmg

Updated version to 2.8.5pre2

2006-08-05 18:08:04 Tree
[3a59e3] by dmg

Added ICC profile support for JPEG files

2006-08-05 18:03:46 Tree
[811e19] by dmg

I forgot to commit these files

2006-07-30 22:06:47 Tree
[eab809] by dmg

Completed support for metadata in less-used formats, unified readImage and maketemppath, see ChangeLogs

2006-07-30 22:00:28 Tree
[12b9db] by dmg

removed test version of output, it should be generated by the user

2006-07-30 19:52:39 Tree
[326958] by dmg

I forgot to enable PPM input files

2006-07-30 18:37:26 Tree
[a0d2d2] by dmg

Bumped version to 2.8.5pre1, started renaming the library to pano13 and removed a bug that created a segfault under linux

2006-07-29 06:48:12 Tree
[92c539] by dmg

updated makefile of simpleTiff16

2006-07-29 06:45:39 Tree
[577042] by dmg

Make sure that the software tag is not compared, as it will change with every new version of the binaries

2006-07-29 06:19:43 Tree
[b4b211] by dmg

Forgot to update a constant, hopefully it will work now

2006-07-29 03:11:42 Tree
[88f579] by dmg

Increased the number of temporary files from 1k to 1g

2006-07-29 03:04:01 Tree
[1bc96e] by dmg

Updated PPM processing to match JPEG and TIFF, removed debugging comments, updated indentation

2006-07-29 02:53:16 Tree
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