libpano13 Log

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[032bc7] (4.5 kB) by tmodes

Fixes copy and paste error in licence

2013-12-21 15:27:54 View
[777f5e] (4.5 kB) by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Fixed the FSF address to make an rpmlint error go away...

2013-12-16 22:35:46 View
[3b87e4] (4.4 kB) by tmodes

[Windows] Use __declspec(dllexport) instead of modul definition file

Functions exported via modul definition file can't be
compared with function points (needed by nona gpu).
Function pointers works for functions exported with

2013-03-17 17:55:57 View
[941114] (4.2 kB) by dmg

2006-09-21 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre3

* ColourBrightness.c, PTcommon.c: added support for
saturation-only and brightness-only correction. I also fixed some
small rounding problems in the old code.

2006-09-21 04:40:50 View
[bbd319] (4.1 kB) by dmg

Implemented the creation of arbitrary maps in ColourBrightness

2006-06-26 05:07:02 View
[f6f0f4] (3.9 kB) by dmg

Add the ability to output the colour correction curve as Photoshop layer files.

2006-06-26 00:09:17 View
[a77562] (3.9 kB) by dmg

2006-05-06 dmg <>

* version.h: Updated version to 2.8.2 and improved ifdefs for
easier maintenance

* pano12.def: Added ColourBrightness, PTcommon definitions.

* Moved ColourBrightness.{c,h}, PTcommon.{c,h} to this directory.

2006-05-06 dmg <>

* PTStitcher.cpp: sent to the attic.

* PTblender.c, PTtiff2psd, PTmender: Changed name of quietFlag to
ptQuietFlag. I replaced their own version number with libpano.

* PTcommon.c, PTcommon.h, PTmender.c, Moved
CreatePanorama to PTcommon.c and all the functions required by it.

* PTcommon.c (CreatePanorama): Added an error when the type of
panorama is not valid.

2006-05-06 19:49:53 View