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Read Me

When translating menu paths, please do not translate the
name of the item factory (that is the one in brackets at the front),
e.g. <Image>/Script-Fu/Selection should _not_ be translated to
<Bild>/Skript-Fu/Kopieren, but to <Image>/Skript-Fu/Kopieren. If you
get this wrong, Gimp will warn you at startup about bad translations.
So do always test your translations and watch the console for output.
The version of The GIMP you are holding in your hand uses GTK+-2.0.
GTK+-2.0 requires that all strings are UTF-8 encoded. Therefore to make
internationalisation work, po files need to be UTF-8 encoded. If your
editor doesn't support UTF-8, you need to convert it to an encoding your
editor can handle and convert it back to UTF-8 before commiting your
changes back. The gnome-i18n module in GNOME CVS has some scripts that
help with this task, but it can also easily done using iconv.