Panotools::Script Log

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[e1ad76] (18.8 kB) by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

perl 5.18.1 changed rules about qw, so bare qw causes syntax errors (Igor Yu. Vlasenko)

2013-10-07 21:16:18 View
[7d9dff] (18.8 kB) by brunopostle

Rewrite of match-n-shift to simply write a control-point-less
project file suitable as input for ptoanchor. If --align is
specified then it runs ptoanchor for backward compatibility.

2009-12-04 23:16:02 View
[05fba9] (18.7 kB) by brunopostle

perl version of pto2mk, actually works. Intended to test
new approach for generating Makefiles.

2009-11-17 22:20:21 View