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use strict;
use warnings;

use Panotools::Script;
use GraphViz;

for my $path_pto (@ARGV)
    my $pto = new Panotools::Script;
    $pto->Read ($path_pto);

    my $g = GraphViz->new (directed => 0, layout => 'neato', overlap => 'false');

    for my $index (0 .. scalar (@{$pto->Image}) - 1)
        $g->add_node ($index, shape => 'circle');

        # summarise control points for this image
        my $results = {};
        for my $control (@{$pto->Control})
            my $N = $control->{N};
            my $n = $control->{n};
            next unless ($n == $index or $N == $index);
            $results->{$N} += 1;
            $results->{$n} += 1;
        delete $results->{$index};
        for my $key (sort keys %{$results})
            next if ($index gt $key);
            $g->add_edge ($index => $key, weight => $results->{$key}, label => $results->{$key});

    my $svg = $g->as_svg;

    my @nodes = $svg =~ /(<ellipse.*?\/text>)/gs;
    for my $xml_old (@nodes)
        my ($cx, $cy, $index_real) = $xml_old =~ /cx="([-,0-9]+)".*cy="([-,0-9]+)".*>([0-9]+)<\/text>$/s;
        $cx += -18; $cy += -27;
        my $path_image = $pto->Image->[$index_real]->{n};
        my $xml_new = "<image x=\"$cx\" y=\"$cy\" style=\"display:inline\"
                   width=\"36\" height=\"54\" xlink:href=$path_image />\n";
        $svg =~ s/$xml_old/$xml_new/;

    open (OUTFILE, ">$path_pto.svg");
    print OUTFILE $svg;
    close OUTFILE;


=head1 NAME

ptograph - generates undirected graph reports for .pto files

=head1 Synopsis

  ptograph project1.pto [project2.pto ...]


Takes one or more hugin .pto projects and writes an SVG report using
the same file path with .svg appended.

Each node represents one of the input photos in the project and the edges
represent control-points connecting photos together.

=head1 Calling syntax

  ptograph <pto-file> <pto-file> ...

=head1 License

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

=head1 See Also


=head1 Author

Bruno Postle, E<lt>bruno (at) postle.netE<gt>