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Mpremap is a Java-front-end and user-interface
to the command-line utilities 'mpremap' and
'ffmpeg'. It either reads single frames or
uses ffmpeg to read and decode video-streams 
into single frames. Each frame is piped to the 
'mpremap' application which remaps each frame 
as specified by a script file. Finally, the 
frames may optionally be combined into a videostream
using ffmpeg.

Potential uses for Mpremap:

(1) Create a movie from static panoramic

(2) Remap motion pictures made with a fisheye
lens to rectilinear or cylindrical formats.

(3) Create virtual pans and zooms in wide angle

(4) Apply arbitrary distortion corrections
or perspective transformations to motion pictures.


Set the conversion options as described in the
respective menu-descriptions. Then click 'ok'.
The conversion is monitored in the status window
and progress messages from all helper applications
are displayed. Wait until the message 'Conversion
finished' appears. You may interrupt at any time
by clicking 'Cancel' or by closing the application