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I'm trying to monitor a temp sensor that returns a string as the following:
$ snmpget -c public .
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.17095.3.2.0 = STRING: "32.50"

I defined a module - type "Remote SNMP network agent, alphanumeric
data" - which gets the string but Min/Max values on warning/critical
statuses don't seem to work.

What is "Str." option for on warning/critical statuses? Is there any
way snmp's string value can be converted into a number?

We're looking on a solution, because the " " breaks the numeric parsing. Until next release, you can path it easily:

Edit /usr/lib/perl5/PandoraFMS/NetworkServer.pm

Go to end of sub at pandora_snmp_get_command

Replace the return $output with:

    # Remove starting & ending double quotes, to easily parse numeric data on String types
    if ($output =~ /^\"(.*)\"$/){
        return $1;
    else {
        return $output;

Sancho Lerena <slerena@gmail.com>