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#45 mod_auth_pam: session and credential support

Berthold Cogel

This patch enables mod_auth_pam to create a PAM session
and to use PAM credentials for a request. This is at
least usefull if you want to handle files in the AFS
filesystem with your webserver.

The original patch was written for mod_auth-Pam for
Apache 1.3 at the TU Chemnitz. We modified it for
mod_auth_pam for Apache 2.

The PAM handle is stored for each request in a memory
pool that is allocated for this request and
automatically removed after the request is done. Each
request is handled within a seperate process group.

This behavoir can be configured per directory within
the apache configuration with the directive
AuthPAM_SetCred (on|off, default is off).

The patch can be used for the original mod_auth_pam for
Apache 2 and for the version with the PAM servicename
as a configuration option (see [ 1058140 ]
mod_auth_pam: support for specifying service-name).

I'm new to PAM, AFS and apache programming and my C is
rusty, so feedback is welcome.


  • Berthold Cogel
    Berthold Cogel

    Patch for mod_auth_pam.c for Apache 2