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Makefile updated

Check out the CVS release of the Makefile. It has been updated, and should now be completely stable.

I will not be migrating to automake/autoconf anytime soon, so if anyone wants to do it, feel free. Just send me the patches.

Later on, everyone.


Posted by Jovan Rivera 2002-03-08

Check out CVS

I just wanted to let everyone know to check out the CVS release because the statistics for my CVS repository is not working properly, so it looks as if nothing is being done there.

The CVS release includes updated documentation, and an updated Makefile (might be buggy still, though).

I will be releasing an updated package as soon as I can migrate the project to automake/autoconf to alleviate the Makefile "nightmare" (as well as other bug fixes).... read more

Posted by Jovan Rivera 2002-03-05

Finally caught up!

The latest release of pam_mount_user_AES is out. This version is the most stable, and everything but the daemon is in C. The last two releases were back-releases; this is all the current code.

Oh yeah, watch the install routine in the Makefile; it's untested, so it might be buggy.


Posted by Jovan Rivera 2002-02-28

Second release

This is the second release of pam_mount_user_AES. Like I said in the release notes, this should be functional, but I'm not quite sure if it's stable.

Have fun testing!

Posted by Jovan Rivera 2002-02-28

First release

Hello, everyone! I'm slowly getting everything up and running, but the first release of pam_mount_user_AES is up.

Posted by Jovan Rivera 2002-02-27