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Q: I cannot install the plugin and get the message "Java implementation loader not found".
A: You have to enable Java Support in your OpenOffice / LibreOffice Installation. Use Preferences->Java (OpenOffice) or Preferences-> Advanced (LibreOffice).
for UBUNUTU (debian based): sudo apt-get install default-jre openjdk-7-jre-headless libreoffice-java-common
for MAC OS: Java 1.8.0 works. Update to it when having problems
for Windows: install a jre 7 32 bit, if your office build is also 32 bit. Other is untestet.

Q: What versions of OpenOffice / LibreOffice are recommended.
A: The plugin is tested with OpenOffice >= 3.4.1 and LibreOffice >= 4.0.4.

Q: I'm a Mac user and I cannot get it working in LibreOffice.
A: Get an Office update. On Mac-Systems you need at least LibreOffice version 4.0.4. Version or others may not work.

Q: Ok. Now I have to plugin, but I have no Palo Server available.
A: You can use the proclos demo server (mcloud.proclos.com:7777) for testing, which should be already pre-registered in the plugin. Please comply to fair use and understand, that it may not be available all the time.

Q: In the 'Paste View' dialog my server is not connected. Do I always have to go to the modeller to connect to my server?
A: No. You can use the button left of the drop down to connect to the server or refresh your connection. Alternatively you can edit the connection in the modeller and check 'Log in at Startup'.

Q: I'm browsing really large views and suddenly OpenOffice / LibreOffice freezes.
A: This may be a memory allocation problem. YOu can fix this by allowing more heap space for java. Add the parameter -Xmx1024m (or some value you find appropriate) to your java settings located in Preferences->Java (OpenOffice) or Preferences->Advanced (LibreOffice)

Q: I have found a bug (or at least I think so). Is the software all crap?
A: No. But being an actively developed open source project, bugs are to be expected. We are happy if you report them as reproducible as you can in the ticketing system.

Q: I'm a developer and I want to get started coding. What do I need.
A: We recommend NetBeans IDE version 6.8, OpenOffice NetBeans Integration and OpenOffice SDK 3.4.1 as a starting point. Contributions to the project are welcome.

Q: Well, this is a nice plugin, but without feature X it's rather useless to me. Any chance I get it implemented yesterday for free?
A: There is a chance, that we implement your feature in our next release, if you report it properly using a feature request in the ticketing system. However chances will rise, if you can afford an allowance to the developers. :-)

Q: My company wants to use this software productively. Can I buy support?
A: You are invited to contact christian.schwarzinger @ proclos.com or any other developer of your choice.


PalOOCa is a Java based OpenOffice OLAP Extension intended to be used with OpenOffice Calc. It is supposed to be the equivalent to the Palo Add-in for MS Excel (http://www.palo.net)

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Data from Palo in OpenOffice.org (2)
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The PalOOCa Modeler
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Data from Palo in OpenOffice.org (1)
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Design of Queries in OpenOffice.org with PalOOCa

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