Dear Pavel,
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!
It will be a delight to test this version! I will let you know about any "shortcomings". A huge portion of mudita directed to you ;-)

On 10/7/06, Pavel Bure <> wrote:
Hello Lennart,

I decided to devote this full-moon Uposatha day for completing the new version of my program. So I did.
I removed old version from sourceforge and published version 2.0 together with a new Pali Canon
Library for PocketPC.

Here is what's new:
- new Pali Canon library format designed for faster performance. Now I have one binary index file that holds
information about all the book contents. The pali texts themselves are packaged in zip files containing no
more than 500 files in each.
- "select book" tree control loads ALL nodes on user request. Now it loads child nodes when the user taps to
expand their parent. This results in better performance and less memory consumption.
- the book hierarchy is improved to show c14 paragraphs as children of c13 paragraphs. previously they were on
the same level. This change is also reflected in the "book contents" dropdown in the main window.
- added images to tree control, so now it is easier to find items that can be opened.
- some parts of code rewritten to use automatic memory management. this is to prevent memory leaks and memory
- better code design. C++ was my first programming language, but i haven't been using it for several years. It
took some time to remember how things should be done.
- new version of CSCDBookConverter. The new version makes it possible to create a custom library. You can
create a library containing only mula of Sutta Pitaka for instance.

I have committed my changes for PaliTextReader and CDCDBookConverter code in the SVN repositiory.

This can be called an official BETA version. If you have time, you could do the testing. For this, you will
need to uninstall the previous version together with Pali Canon Library. Make sure you delete the directory
where the application was installed. This is necessary since bookmark file format has been changed.

The first start of Pali Text Reader is slow due to indexing. That is normal.

Best regards,