Dear Pavel,

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Von: Pavel Bure [mailto:]
Gesendet: Sonntag, 27. August 2006 20:03
An: Lopin, Lennart
Betreff: installer complete

Hello Lennart,

I have completed the installer for PTR. It installs the application and
registers it with ActiveSync. Currently, it does not install the fonts (the
user has to do this manually). Automatic font installation is possible, but
I had to remove it from installer since windows CE cannot uninstall fonts
and fails to uninstall the application as a whole.

Congrats and mudita!  Thats good news.

I also made an installer for Pali Canon Library. It registers with
ActiveSync too and confugures itself for PaliTextReader application, so
additional configuration is no longer required.

I released both files on sourceforge. Now I have two tasks left: 1. Write
documentation webpage. 2. Update source code in the SVN.

Yesterday night i made substantial progress with the remaining search result handling. Once this is done i will take try to test the Pali Text Reader on different machines. If installation and usage is satisfying for a "BETA" i will release it too. My optimistic guess would be max of two weeks time from now)...

I will try your installer too and give you any feedback about my experience.

Feel free to "snap" your webpage into the sourceforge homepage of Pali Text Reader.

greetings from Hamburg,

yours Lennart