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0.9921 fixes critical bug

see the file release. new PC, havent got around to doing the CVS.

Posted by Peter Weisz 2003-10-07

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, to all who wandered into this project website :-)

palbum is quite usable now. I hope. 0.990 has been released, check it out.


Posted by Peter Weisz 2003-01-03

beta (0.95) version released

The beta (0.95) version is out.

Please email me if you download it and it works, or doesnt work.


Posted by Peter Weisz 2002-10-29

initial version released

The initial version is palbum-0.9

This version works fine for me... but still needs a few minor tweaks for robustness before it can be considered "1.0".

I'm still learning how to administer a sourceforge project :-)

Posted by Peter Weisz 2002-10-29


Created the project :-)

Posted by Peter Weisz 2002-10-29