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Fill Paterns & an outline of draw/er...

  • Rockin' Kat
    Rockin' Kat

    I'm really happy with this application but there are a couple things I'd love to see added.. well a few actually… but here are a couple big ones I'd love to see added that I think would warrant a second donation ^_^

    When using the brush or erasor in MS paint… at least the MS paint I remember using, the paint brush or erasor would have an outline of the space it was going to draw/erase in so when you clicked the button to start you knew exactly where it was going to land on the page. Also…. another thing was that it had different brush shapes, like lines, series of dots, other things… was kind of fun to mess with that way…

    The other big thing would have to be Fill Paterns like those found in MacPaint… but what would be cool would be to be able to choose more than just one of the colors used in said fill patterns… and of course, customizable fill patterns too..

    Ultimately, without these, this is still a great application that fills what was otherwise a huge void on Mac OS X.